Boston, MA

Hanson Wade has taken the decision to cancel this meeting. Please do accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this will cause. Please register your interest here if you would like updates on the meeting or topic.

For the Effective Adoption & Real-world Application of Blockchain to Optimize R&D & Clinical Trial Success.

The Blockchain for Pharma: Research & Clinical Development Summit presents a unique opportunity to join the top leaders from the pharmaceutical industry in a forum aimed at boosting the knowledge and presenting real-world case studies for the application of Blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry.

With the digital revolution well and truly upon the pharmaceutical industry and with Blockchain technology creating a palpable buzz throughout the business world, the time for fundamental change in the paradigm of data-driven R&D is upon us. At this pivotal time of adoption, the inaugural Blockchain for Pharma: Research & Clinical Development Summit is dedicated exclusively to the effective adoption and real-world application of Blockchain to optimize R&D and clinical trial success.

Reasons why you should attend?

  • The current length, cost, and effectiveness nature of the drug development paradigm needs to be streamlined and enhanced
  • Understand the process of maintaining the valued trust and security which blockchain provides
  • Discuss the fundamental challenges of data privacy in combination with the institutionalized fear of data sharing
  • In 2018, Blockchain has arrived in pharma and promises to allay these fears with a look to an exciting and beneficial future

The advantages that Blockchain offers: immutability, historicity and the associated integrity harbors an environment of trust where the collaborative sharing of secured and private data can be achieved with full confidence.

Blockchain is not only here to stay, it has arrived to fundamentally create a new paradigm patient-centric drug development and healthcare best practice. Join the only industry event dedicated to immediately realizing the full practical potential of Blockchain as its impact emerges within the context of drug discovery and clinical development.


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